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Let’s, please, at least try to communicate above Trump-level

Donald Trump certainly has his own special way of communicating, to say the least: Are his statements in any way funny, interesting or relevant? None of these, I would think. Schwarzennegger, now among Trump’s most prominent adversaries concerning political stance … Lees verder

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Does anything here still rhyme?

According to Gilbert O’ Sullivan not too much: Although the man himself seems to be without any reason or rhyme, Google tells me there still are words to be found that rhyme with Trump. Enough anyway for a good limerick … Lees verder

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The ‘Donald’ Quixote

Nee ik ga hier even niets over hem zeggen. Dat doen velen op dit moment al maar ik laat het nu (met dank aan De Correspondent) graag over aan Rebecca Solnit over: The Loneliness of Donald Trump

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