Kunst- en vliegwerk rev. (18)

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One day I brought some computerprints of pastels of mine to see if any clients would want to use them for reference.
One client wanted to do this portrait of a corsican guy:

if I would make the initial sketch for him which is all I did here a minimal sketch of a few outlines.
Later he drew the same image all by himself and burned it on wood (alas, no photo of that).

This painting was regarded as one of the clients masterpieces and greatly admired while it was still on our walls.
Many people at first wouldn’t believe this client had done that and would suspect my hand in it.

Just before this one left us because the client gave it to someone as a present, another client decided it looked very much like his grandfather and wanted to do one as a gift to his grandmother.
He made this one without any of our help.

Alas this one left our quarters shortly after completion; I would have liked to see someone copy this one and so on for a while.

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